Booking policy
Custom Creations takes bookings on a first come, first serve basis. We generally only book three months in advance. However, if you have a special date you would like to book farther out (for example a wedding rehearsal dinner or anniversary celebration) an early deposit can be taken to hold the date. Once an inquiry for a specific date has been made and accepted by Custom Creations the host will receive a client/event info sheet. Once the sheet is completed and returned to us it represents a commitment from both the host and Custom Creations to fulfill the requirements of the event on its designated date. Book your date HERE.

Payment policy
Once the booking is complete the payment process is as follows:

If the booking is outside of the three month window a deposit of $200 will be taken to hold the date. The deposit will be applied to the invoice total on the event date. Depending on the size of the event an additional deposit for purchasing purposes may be necessary. Any remaining balance is due in full the day of the event.

If the booking is within the three month window then a 50% deposit will be taken 7 days prior to the event date with the remaining balance due in full on the day of the event. Early deposits are always acceptable. ALL deposits must be made by the predetermined date stated on the client’s invoice. Event deposits not received by the due date may be cause for event cancelation by Custom Creations.

Payments for deposits may be made via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Payments of final balances due the day of the event can be made by the methods previously described or by check or cash.

Cancelation policy
We at Custom Creations understand that unexpected things happen and although we hope a booked event never cancels, we are prepared to work with the client in the event of the unexpected. If cancelation is necessary we appreciate as much notice as possible in order to be able to rebook the date. Cancelations made prior to the deposit due date hold no penalty. Cancelations made after the deposit has been paid forfeit the 50% deposit. Cancelations made within 72 hours of the event will require full payment.

Adjustments to guest counts are not considered cancelations and can be made up until 72 hours prior to an event. If the guest count drops below a certain point a flat fee for the event may be required. In addition, if the guest count drops within the last 72 hours prior to the event the client will be charged for the absent guest or guests but the food prepared for the absent guest or guests will be packaged for the client.

Privacy policy
Client privacy is very important to us. Custom Creations never shares client information with anyone and client information is only used by Custom Creations in the planning and execution of contracted events. In addition client credit card information is never stored by any means and is directly inputted into our credit card processing system at the time of deposit or remaining balance payments due with the express authorization from the client. All transaction receipts contain only the last four digits of the cardholders account number and client copies are automatically emailed to the client at the close of the transaction to their on file email address.